How To Determine a Problematic Client in The Home Improvement Industry

November 6, 2017 Posted by kyu7

Okay, I have some insight on this subject as a Professional in the Home Improvement and Renovation Industry.

Have you ever considered that when a potential client calls on your business that when you or your secretary sets the appointment to ask the the prospect this: How many contractors do you plan on getting bids from?

I ask this question all the time and you would not believe how much this helps me decide my availability to them.

If they tell me that I was the first call this is usually good news 50% of the time. But if they tell or express to me that they are getting more than 3 bids, well lets just say I know that they are just price shopping.

I would also like to add that in my experience if someone does not want to take the time with me that in retrospect it is clear to me that my time is just not as valuable as theirs. So I will not ever prioritize that type of person. In the long run it will usually lead to problems and even shortcomings to your business financially.

This is something else that every single contractor or sales rep for a contractor should consider. Did you know that when you show up for an appointment that you may feel like you are there to help and in reality the homeowner or property owner is usually in the process of weeding out who they think will be the best fit for them.

Every time I go to an appointment I consider this. My approach is that I am here to help you and not to try to convince you why you should hire me as your contractor. I am just there to help.

Always ask the potential client if they have ever had any contractors work with them in the past. If they say yes, don’t be bashful to ask them how it went.

This will usually show the truth about them and the contractors on the earlier situations, whether they had a good experience or a bad one. When I hear that people have had multiple bad experiences I tend to ask myself while I am listening if it was really just a bunch of bad contractors or is the potential client really just a problematic client with very unrealistic personal demands from the beginning.

I have saw this so many times that they shared the pain they had with prior contractors or handymen and I felt like I could help them only to find out when it was all said and done, I lost my shirt and was just picked apart about every single detail.We are not in this for Charity the last time I looked at what we do for a living.

With the advent of the Internet there is a lot of good information and there is just as much bad information out there. A potential client with too much time on their hands will be questionable of everything you do and because information is so abundant and cheap to get. This will ultimately lead to disagreements during the project while you are hung to them in a short term marriage.

Remember that Contracting is just like being in a short-term marriage and you as a Contractor have to become just as selective as the consumer when it comes to contractor choice. If the client demands a complete spreadsheet break down you are already at a disadvantage for the beginning. In my experience the owner will never ever complain about a lower number and will always complain about the higher number. So just avoid line item breakdowns and only use summaries to present your quote.

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